Jazkamer – Metal Music Machine Box

KULT 017 | 3 x C40 | 23 numbered copies | T.B.A.

Handmade metal box containing three tapes in individual covers with inserts.

Jazkamer – Metal Music Machine

Side A:
1. Friends Of Satan (6:35)
2. The Worms Will Get In (16:51)

Side B:
1. Abomination (2:38)
2. Metal Music Machine (4:12)
3. Occult Glider (12:25)

Recorded at Duper, Bergen, Norway in 2004.
Original CD released in 2006 on Smalltown Supernoise (STSJ118CD), a sublabel of Smalltown Supersound created for this record only. LP edition limited to 500 copies issued in April of the same year on the band’s own imprint Asspiss Records (apr 001).

Jazkamer – Metal Music Machine 2

Side C:
1. The Metal (4:25)
2. Bestial Desolation (3:09)
3. No Lamb For The Lazy Wolf (8:37)

Side D:
4. The Crimson Worm (16:39)
5. Electra Glide In Black (4:22)

Recorded at Duper, Bergen, Norway, September 2010.
Original CD released by Pica Disk (PICA026) as the November issue of the Jazkamer 2010 series.

Jazkamer Metal – Metal Music Machine 27.10.11: Rehearsal Tape / Live In The Bunker

Side E:
1. Occult Glider / No Lamb For The Lazy Wolf (11:41)
2. Worms Pt I: The Worms Will Get In (9:42)

Side F:
1. Worms Pt II: The Crimson Worm (16:29)
2. Bestial Desolation (3:40)
3. Electra Glide In Black (3:35)

Rehearsal recordings made on 27 October 2011 and released the following day as a single-sided tape limited to only 10 copies, when the band performed live at Bergen Støyfest Jazkamer Edition.


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