Tapes by Rishaug / Mikalsen and Alexander Rishaug out now

Rishaug / Mikalsen - Live At Mu (KULT 011)Alexander Rishaug - Rainy Days Forever (KULT 012) Two new Kassettkultur tapes are released today: Rishaug / Mikalsen – Live At Mu (KULT 011) consists of haunting landscapes and electronic textures improvised by Alexander Rishaug and Kai Kobi Mikalsen, recorded live at Sound of Mu, Oslo, Norway in 2010. No edits or afterdubs. Alexander Rishaug – Rainy Days Forever (KULT 012) was originally self-released by Rishaug in 1997. It’s his first release, before the critically acclaimed album “Panorama” (Smalltown Supersound, 2001). It contains lo-fi guitar sketches, unfinished songs, improvisations and everyday reflections. Recorded in Oslo, Trondheim and Reykjavik during 1996-97. Both tapes feature artwork by Rishaug.


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