Kassett – an exhibition of Norwegian cassette culture

Kassett exhibition posterLydgalleriet & Ekko are presenting “Kassett”, an exhibition of Norwegian cassette culture, at USF Verftet in Bergen, Norway, October 15th – November 14th. Our friend Lasse Marhaug has curated a compilation tape exclusively for the exhibition, limited to 255 copies. Both the exhibition and the compilation includes works related to the Kassettkultur label. More information on the exhibition can be found here: http://www.lydgalleriet.no/?p=262

Arvid Skancke-Knutsen has written an article for Ballade about the Norwegian cassette culture and the exhibition. The article is in Norwegian and can be found here:


One thought on “Kassett – an exhibition of Norwegian cassette culture”

  1. Here’s the tracklist for the KASSETT cassette compilation:

    Side A:
    Oral Constitution – Six Minutes
    Rød Stær – Saving All My Drugs for You
    White Lord Jesus – My Heart is in Combat
    Fleurety – Animal of the City
    Anders Gjerde – Dome
    Zweizz & Joey Hopkins – Will to Powder
    Jan M. Iversen – Det er nok med tolv torsk

    Side B:
    FNS – Sinister Centipede
    Kobi – Now There Came a Glimmer of a Red Light Before Them
    Altaar – Salt of the Earth
    Gabriel Mørk – Parasitt
    Famlende Forsøk – Vil du død for meg?
    Lars ”Skjit-Lars” Nicolaysen – Nervøse Lidelser 2010

    Side C:
    1349 Rykkinn – Hello Hello, Leonard Cohen
    Jazkamer – The Short Song about the Origins of Cassette Culture
    Bluefaced People – Eat Jazz
    Kunstlusk – I. Schjørring
    NXP – The Miners Sensed Danger
    Duo Kanel – Glassspon
    Taperne – Litt av et marsvin
    Maja S. K. Ratkje – Danse Macabre Edit
    Origami Boe – Noise Diary S 100510

    Side D:
    Maranata – Short Life Of Trouble
    Juryen – Aaawk 2010 Digital Remaster
    Sten Ove Toft – Belzebubs Immatrikulering
    Sindre Bjerga – Magnetic Tape Ghost
    Pikkulf – Likkjyl
    Waffelpung – Sildakongens Siste Shanty
    DEL – A track we didn’t use for Villa Graps
    Torstein Wjiik – I’d Prefer not to

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